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The purpose of this comprehensive report of Banyan Tree Holdings, Thailand is to examine and evaluate the company’s business strategy.

Banyan Tree Holdings founded on 1994, headquartered in Singapore began with a single boutique resort in Phuket, Thailand. Today the group has grown into one of Asia’s most successful hospitality brands which manages and develops premium resorts, hotels and spas. The group today consists of 30 hotels and resorts, over 60 spas, 8- retail galleries and two golf courses in 27 countries. In addition, the company has aggressive expansion plans for the future. The company’s primary business is still managing, developing and ownership of resorts and hotels.

This report assesses the current company situation in Thailand, after which providing an in-depth external analysis using PEST factors that acts as an aide for the organization’s business plans. It also provides a detailed industry analysis such as and based on the analysis, the identification of issues and challenges Banyan Tree Holdings might encounter. Internal analysis includes SWOT which explores the organization’s potentials as well as limitations. All analysis comes with implications which either helps or perils to the organization.

Explain on strategies

There will also be a proposed schedule used for the implementation and plan process and a balanced scorecard to evaluate and control the success of the strategies implemented will be used to conclude this research.



Banyan Tree Holdings has been a fore runner in the hotel industry in Asia Pacific with award winning brands managing niche resorts and hotels worldwide. Headquartered in Singapore, Banyan tree has grown into one of Asia’s most successful hospitality brands

In today’s every changing global operating environment and unpredictable external factors affecting the tourism industry in Thailand, it is important for Banyan Tree to be able to identify...