Mexican Culture

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Mexican Culture

Kelsey N. Butler

Liberty University


Mexican culture is one that is very historical and interesting with such detail that provides what the country’s traditions and values are made up of today. In this paper, Mexico is discussed in the perspective of what exactly is their culture, concerning their history, lifestyles, the roles and influence that family has, religions, what kinds of society there are and have been, jobs, the country’s economy, the differences of their traditions compared to the United States, the typical customs and ways of life they have and also the impact Mexico has on other countries, specifically the one we live in.

Mexican Culture

Mexico, not only as a country, but also as a historic place is so full of many factors involved in the making of it as a whole. Charles Kulander simply stated in the best way, “Uncovering the riches of Mexico is a lifelong pursuit,” (National Geographic Traveler). As an author, Kulander most likely meant that in more than just the physical “riches”. Mexico is so full of historical riches and cultural riches that one probably could not take into account all of its makeup to what it is in a short amount of time. Kulander also noted in his studies that not only does the country have several big name attractions, but so many smaller qualities that not many tourist get to enjoy, but more enjoyments for the natives.

To cover all of a country with such an impact as Mexico, one would need at least a textbook to understand it detailed. Briefly stated through research, Mexican history has key points in time that cannot go unlooked. The native language for the country was brought in from its founders of Spain, making it a Hispanic land of generally Spanish speakers. The architecture is shown throughout the buildings in an adoptive way from their European ancestors, even though they had other few inputs of other natives for their country.

It is difficult to touch on every city of Mexico,...