Problem Solving Techniques

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Individual Strengths And Problem Solving Techniques

July 13, 2009

Individual Strengths And Problem Solving Techniques

Working in or being a part of a group is something that can be very difficult for a person to adjust to. To be a to be a successful are of a group one must be able to not only express his or her ideas but must be able to have those ideas be a part of the final outcome. This paper will discuss individual strengths and the group process as well as problem solving techniques and group decision making.

Individual Strengths and the Group Process

I am part of an eight man team that consists of SME (subject matter experts), we make up CSSAMO (Combat Service Support Automation Management Office). We are responsible for providing STAMIS (Standard Army Management Information System) support to all of Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. This means that no matter what the problem is or what type of system it is we are responsible for not only fixing the problem but repairing the operating system as well. In order to effectively do this, the CSSAMO team must have a SME on every STAMIS system that is used Army wide, as well as having those individuals trained and up to date on all regulations pertaining to their given area of expertise. Prior to me joining the team there was not a SME for the SAAS-MOD (Standard Army Ammunition System – Modernization); therefore I brought the final piece to completing a well equipped and accurately staffed CSSAMO. Because a person that works well with others and able to adapt well to change, I was able to come in and fall into place given little or no help at all. I am also the youngest person on the team; this has proven to be one of my greatest strengths because it has helped me develop my communication skills and my ability to interact more openly with others. Most of my co-workers are over forty years and have been working in this...