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The article mainly focuses on the effect of marijuana on the brain, heart, lungs, pregnancy, and cancer. It begin by talking about the general effects of marijuana smoking which is distorted perception, problems with memory and learning, loss of coordination, increased heart rate, and raging emotions. Then it goes straight into the effects on the brain, which are hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory, and disorientation. Afterward it explains how marijuana effects the heart. It can cause heart beat to increase by 20-50 beats per minute, and the risk of heart attack is four times higher within the first hour of smoking it. Furthermore, it goes on to speak about marijuana’s effects on the lungs, which are daily cough, phlegm production, more frequent chest illnesses, increased risk of lung infection, and obstructed airways.

This article has taught me that smoking marijuana is deadly and harmful. It has only served to reinforce my conviction to refrain from smoking. Smoking has no positive effects on anyone and though marijuana can be used for medical purposes that use should stop there. With all these effects and risks I cannot even fathom as to why someone would even attempt to try it. The effects of marijuana can be permanent and are deadly.

I can apply this article to my daily life by not smoking marijuana. Due to peer pressure many often decide to do unwise things such as smoking. I can go above the influence and also encourage my own friends to follow the example. Everyday I can make the choice to better my life and say no to marijuana and to yes to happiness.