Microwave Blocked Chute Detection Flow Sensor Resolution

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Flow/Non-Flow and Blocked Chute Detection - Sensor Overview


The MWS-DP-3 Microwave Solids Flow Sensor detects moving solids by utiSmall rock crusher machinelising very penetrating microwaves plus the Doppler effect. The sensing head transmits microwaves toward the target materials. A portion of the microwaves are reflected back to the sensing head and analysed as to regardless of whether they can be from a moving or stationary object. The really penetrable microwaves are able to pass through a buildup within the head and even by pipe made from non-conducting elements which include plastics. It can be ideal suited for detecting such components as powder, granules, and so forth, moving through a vacuum pipeline.

Exclusive Characteristics

Blocked Chute Detection

Furthermore to currently being made use of like a solids flow sensor, it might be utilised as a transmitter in mixture that has a receiver in an effort to detect a blocked chute.

Outfitted By using a Filter for Screening Unnecessary Incoming Doppler Signals

This function eliminates unnecessary incoming Doppler signals which include the signals from a vibrating pipe or conveyor and improves the S/N ratio. This permits the sensor to become made use of in locations where previously, non make contact with flow detection was virtually not possible.

Equipped That has a Sensitivity Margin Indicator

The acquired energy level as well as the sensitivity set stage are indicated about the sensor permitting for simple visual adjustment and servicing of your sensor. The indicator obviously displays the advantage in the filter screening effect.

Application Examples

Flow/Non Flow Detection

Because of the filter function, the solids flow sensor detects only the falling materials with out interference from conveyor 1 or two.

Flow/Non-Flow & Blocked Chute Detection

The receiver receives microwave beams from the solids flow sensor. When the beam is interrupted, the receiver will...