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DotCAD Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1987 as a reseller and service provider for office automation products. In the early years products such as Fax machines, Electronic print boards, Electronic Typewriters formed the core product group and we represented known multinationals such as Panasonic and Brother. With the merging of various technologies in the early ‘90s our transition to Information Technology products was logical and we associated with Digital Equipment Corporation and subsequently Compaq Ltd. after it bought over Digital Equipment.

In 1998 Hewlett Packard was trying to setup channels in India and identified DotCAD as a leading player in the field. This led to our signup with them and the last 11 years have been years of a strong and healthy relationship with HP. Today our revenues exceed Rs.15.0 crores

Today we offer end-to-end IT products, services and solutions from HP and are accredited by them as being their Enterprise Business Partners- Datacenter Consultants. Complementing this range of infrastructure products is a group of vendors for power products, operating systems, middleware and anti-virus solutions. Our focus on managing customer accounts (both large and mid market) with our portfolio offerings, has led our customers to a satisfying relationship with us, spanning many years over the entire product range (Consumables to high end compute infrastructures). Our exclusive Premier and Enterprise HP partner status, conveys our investments in developing a highly trained team of people which can address IT related complexities in the enterprise environment such as consolidation, backup and recovery, high performance computing (HPC), technical computing (graphic and analysis) and infrastructure consulting/integration for ERP landscapes and disaster readiness. These solutions encompass activities such as audits, consulting and solution presentation. During these interactions with our customer accounts we extend our services engagement in areas...