Recruitment of Financial Planning Advisors1

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In today’s corporate and competitive world, I find that the insurance sector has the maximum growth and potential as compared to other sectors in India. Insurance sector has the maximum growth rate of 70 – 80% while the FMCG sector has the maximum growth rate of 12 – 15%. This growth potential attracted me to enter in this sector and AVIVA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY INDIA PVT LTD. has given me the opportunity and get the experience regarding life insurance and recruiting potential and capable life insurance advisors.

Summer Training is one of the major experiencing components to enhance knowledge, gain relevant information with respect to marketing and dealing with situations in a professional course like B.B.A when a professional person faces a problem in a field. I was able to familiarize with the customer relationship and got to know how a Company measures to resolve their grievances and service them to the maximum for future prospect and success. Field components like surveys and the generation of questionnaires with respect to marketing helped me a lot and would be a great support in future.

“It is good to have enthusiasm but it is essential to have Training. Training can be in all ways of life.”

Thus, I would like to say that this training was very beneficial, educative and a good exposure to me, which will certainly help me in my near future. This project was designed with respect to this Company. The project helped me to get wide and detailed knowledge regarding the concepts of life insurance and the process of recruitment of Financial Planning Advisors.


Recruitment helps a company to achieve its objective from time to time by creating a positive attitude among workers. Reducing wastage and making maximum use of resources etc.

1. To undergo training so as to understand life insurance and the recruitment of capable financial planning advisors for growth prospects.

2. To have adequate knowledge...