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The modern days truly affect the behavior and beliefs of people in the society. By what we observe around us, we learn to adapt and practice it. Youth in today’s world become wilder as they forget the values and behavior that Filipino youth used to have decades ago. Not all schools now have very good and high standards with traditional practices unlike before. However, some of the good characteristics of the the Filipino youth did not vanish at all. The love, care and concern for friends are still present.

Critical Analysis:

The novel describes different characters. The first character that this novel portrayed was the principal, Mrs. Maadera. As the school principal, she did not focus on the academic status of the students. Instead, she gives more importance to the curricula-activitites. Most of characters in this novel describe the students from Montessori of Asia and the Pacific. The care and concern became evident in this novel when Michelle showed it to her best friend, Astrud, specially when Astrud started to manifest weaknesses the weeks before the audition day begins. Yes, Astrud was really conscious of her body becoming fat. The twins Schultz who were transferees were welcomed well by the students and teachers as they both have attractive physical attributes. There was specially a plus when Olivia performed very well in the academics and show her skills in modelling (which she used to do in the club every night). Even Olivia did not have a good past regarding her job, she is now determined to study hard as she wants to be proud of herself. She believes that no matter what her past was, educating herself can bring more advantage to her life in the present and the future. On the other hand, Orestes was secretly in love with his best friend Jason. For him, everything has changed when his classmate, Nathan, discovered his feelings toward his best friend. Nathan was ashamed also when Orestes discovered his secret which is continuously...