Organizational Cultural Paper

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Organizational Culture Paper

Organizational Culture Paper

University of Phoenix (UOP) has several varieties of diversity and culture in the school. Many Americans come to UOP for education and the type of schedule they are looking for. UOP organization can bring many people into a culture where you need to be familiar with different types of culture.

Organizational culture is the behavior of humans that are part of an organization. Values, visions, norms, working language, systems, and symbols are ways formed by the organization. The way people and groups interact with each other affects the organizations culture. Ravasi and Schultz (2006) state that organizations culture share mental assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organizations by defining appropriate behavior for various situations. Any types of organizations such as school, businesses, or non-profit organizations have many types of culture. Culture can be manipulated and altered depending on leadership and members. There are three different culture views which are traditionalism, interpretivism, and culture-interpretivism. Traditionalism is a view through objective things such as stories, rituals, and symbols. Interpretivism is a view through a network of shared meanings. Culture-interpretivism is a view through a network of shared meanings as well as the power struggles created by a similar network of competing meanings. The common characteristics in UOP are that everyone is there for a reason either work or to further their educations. We are at UOP to be adults and to be successful while we attend the school. It is important to understand the organization culture because you are in the environment that should be enforced. You cannot go into an organization and try to change things that most people are familiar with. For example, imagine you are in a restaurant you will not take off your shoes and eat on the floor laying down. People know how to eat...