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PART C- Consumer decision-making processes:

Type and amount of information

As mentioned in (Klein, Lisa and Gary 2003, 31), information search is defined as the stage of the decision-making processes wherein consumers actively collect information from numerous sources, both internal and external prior to making a choice. Internal search is all about the consumer’s past experiences that is stored in its memory (Crozier, David and Fiona, 1997, 281-282). Hungry people will find the different types of fast food that can be bought for example, Pizza, KFC, Steers, Mc Donald or the Authentic Hotdog. However this is a low involvement product and thus people will not search the “Yellow pages” for fast food restaurants as they retrieve this from memory itself. On the other hand there is the external search which is the gathering of information from friends, family, salesperson, advertising or the internet (Crozier, David and Fiona, 1997, 281-282). This fast food caravan made flyers and promotions like buying one and get another one free to attract more customers. This is how people will obtain information from the best quickie in town. Moreover people who already tasted the hotdog will give feedback to others.

The amount of search for this product can be measured in two ways including the number of personal sources that are friends or family and the number of advertisement studied which are flyers and promotions. So consumers use a little amount of information about this product.

Involvement of consumers

Consumer involvement which is the same as motivation means that highly involved consumer is strongly motivated to spend a lot of effort and resources in consuming that particular product (Guthrie, Michelle and Hye-shin Kim 2009, 115). For the fast food, consumer involvement is lower as he will already know a little about the hotdog and will not spend a lot of time on the internet to know about the best quickie in town.

Level of Decision Making

For this product...

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