Business Ethics

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By: Sparkle White

Date: September 5, 2012

GB 590: Ethics in Business and Society

Professor: Stephen Griffith


When deciding to become managers it is important to understand the company that you will be potential work for and the company’s environment. Certain things like, is the company a small organization that only operates in the United States or is the company a big organization that operations throughout the United States and in other countries. What countries does the company operate in and how will it affect the leader, leadership styles. The leader will have to understand the organization, global, national, and their personal influences. The leader will have to be understand the ethics, morals and laws of which the organization they decide to work with. The leader will have to understand how global influences will affect how they manage their employees and how the organization does business. All these things are stepping stones to creating a great leader

What are ethics, morals, and laws?

Laws are norms that are promulgated by a political authority and are enforceable by a legal process based on adjudication. Morals are the notions of right and wrong that guide people individually in their daily existence. Ethics are norms shared by a group of people or by an organization on a basis of mutual and usually reciprocal recognition. Ethics is considered a two party transaction (Wicks, 2003).

Ethics, laws, are morals are important in leadership because they define the leader. Ethical leadership is knowing the core values and having the courage to live them in all parts of life, service and common good. Many leaders use the ethical leadership model to assist them in becoming great leaders. This leadership model is based on aligning the internal beliefs and values with the external behaviors and actions, for the purpose of advancing the common good of the organizations. People who become leaders make a difference to their...