Alibaba’s Development

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Research in China’s Alibaba’s Development



College of Economics and Center for Studies of Modern

Dept. of International Trade, College of Social Science

Business, Zhejiang Gongshang University

College of Social Science, Kunsan National University

Hangzhou, P. R. China

Gunsan, South Korea



Abstract—The five marketing strategies of Alibaba have

accelerated its development and helped to distinguish itself in the

field of e-trade in the world. Firstly this paper reviews Alibaba’s

development, then analyzes its five marketing strategies and the

creditability it has attached importance to. Finally it provides

some proposals for its future development after the global

financial crisis.

The third phase (2003-2004): Developing overseas markets

to expand the scope of e-trade. China Suppliers helps

enterprises to build their own English websites and provide

them with independent accounts and passwords so that the

business information of these enterprises is available online to

nearly 420 thousand professional buyers from 220 countries,

which can create a great number of business opportunities for

these enterprises.

Keyword: Alibaba, e-Trade, SMEs, credit, marketing


As an outstanding e-trade services company with only

13-year development, Alibaba covers several e-trade patterns,

including B2B and C2C, e-markets and Web search

technologies, such as the search engine and the portal. In these

fields, Alibaba has been very successful for its unique business

model. At present there are B2B websites, such as for Chinese enterprises,

for international enterprises, for Japanese




e-trader, which provides reliable payment services for

e-transactions. In addition there are,,...