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Kids attend school three quarters of the year mostly waiting on the last day. After school is dismissed for summer break, some parents send their kids to summer camp while others enjoy summer at home. Camp has always been an acceptable summer activity that allows children to continue to build valuable social skills and keep them occupied and busy in a safe environment. Kids get bored very easily and are always searching for excitement to overcome boredom. Keeping a child occupied is very important. More important is what’s keeping him or her occupied. Adolescence comes with many challenges for juveniles and parents alike. The key is education that starts at home and children live what they learn. Being a good time manager or a good example can help your juvenile learn skills that will assist him or her in the future. Along with this parents can find peace of mind in their absence and have a sense of relief knowing that their child is being responsible. Letting a child roam unsupervised and unoccupied, thinking he or she can take care of himself or herself could possibly result in your child getting into mischief or even worse, ending up involved with the wrong crowd or in the criminal justice system.

School dismissed around mid-June as always to begin its summer break. My parents never afforded me the opportunity to attend summer camp. It was something that I always wondered about and wanted to do. Instead, I would spend time at home or sometimes I would go over another relative house for a couple of days. Perhaps occasionally we would have a relative visit to break the monotony at both their house and mine. This was pretty much the summer during my juvenile days. I was never a problem child and policed myself so to speak. My parents trusted me to make wise decisions and gave me much freedom without a great deal of micromanagement when it came to my comings and goings. That juvenile freedom was filled with sports, games and...