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Arch Sex Behav (2006) 35:577–585

DOI 10.1007/s10508-006-9064-0


Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Young

Heterosexual Danish Adults

Gert Martin Hald

Received: 7 January 2005 / Revised: 20 May 2005 and 11 November 2005 / Accepted: 10 December 2005 / Published online: 13 October 2006

C Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. 2006

Abstract The aims of the study were (1) to investigate gender differences in pornography consumption among Danish

adults aged 18–30 and (2) to examine gender differences

in situational, interpersonal, and behavioral characteristics

of pornography consumption. A national survey study was

conducted using a representative sample of 688 young heterosexual Danish adult men and women. The study found

large gender differences in prevalence rates of pornography consumption and consumption patterns. Compared to

women, men were exposed to pornography at a younger

age, consumed more pornography as measured by time and

frequency, and used pornography more often during sexual

activity on their own. Gender differences in the interpersonal

context of use were also evident, with women using pornography more often with a regular sexual partner than men. In

turn, men were found to use pornography more often on their

own or with friends (non-sexual partners) than women. For

both men and women, the usual place of use was home and

no significant gender difference was found in this regard.

Men and women were found to vary in their preferences in

pornographic materials, with men both preferring a wider

range of hardcore pornography and less softcore pornography than women. Gender differences in sexual behavioral

factors were limited to masturbation patterns with men masturbating more than women. Male gender, higher frequency

of masturbation, lower age at first exposure, and younger

age were found to account for 48.8% of the total variance

of pornography consumption. The results were discussed in...