Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Are they sorry? The extent of abusive behavior that happens occasionally or all the time leaving people helpless from the abuse of their mates, spouses, or loved ones is Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is an overpowering addiction that one may have over another preventing that person from maintaining a normal life or enjoying the likeness of his or her surroundings. Even though domestic violence comes in many forms of abuse, causing emotional and physical distress, anyone can become a victim.

Domestic violence is a controlling and jealous addiction that one may have against an individual making the individual afraid of his or her well-being; these individuals are victims. Victims can be living together, gay, married, heterosexual, not married, lesbian, or dating; not mattering the race, sex, religion, culture, age, marital status, employment, or education (Creative Communication Group, 2009) ; a victim can even be a child. Reporting domestic violence has become a problem for society. People of race fear reporting domestic violence because of prejudice and believing they are the blame for living out of their own communities; and gay, lesbian, and transgender fear sexual orientated ridicule. Disabled and elderly fear because they depend on caregivers and have no one else to turn to for help; illegal citizens’ fear of deportation; and religion fear of family religious values (Creative Communication Group, 2009).

At times domestic violence can become misleading and confusing to detect. Abusers attack victims with verbal abuse (name calling or using obscenity language), physical harm (hitting, restraining, shoving, etc.), sexual assault, intimidation, stalking, financial abuse (withholding money from their partners), causing their partner from receiving a job, or abusers will stop victims from seeing family and friends (Creative Communication Group,...