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Matthew Wright

BUS-220 W01

Ethical Dilemma Chapter 4

1. Identify the social responsibility issues in this scenario.

The social issues are that Myron is selling products that he knows have adverse side effects on the people that use them. He was made aware that betel nuts stains the mouth, gums, users teeth, and Myron was given the results from studies that show chewing betel nut can lead to cancer. In China alone 88 percent of cancer patients are betel nut chewers. Myron was also asked to lead the marketing campaign for introducing another product that has adverse side effects on its users as well. This product (khat) produces mild cocaine like euphoria and it has been classified as a narcotic by the DEA in the United States. Myron is marketing these products in countries where he knows that he can sell them to millions of people. Selling products to anyone in any country that you know has negative effects on the health of the users is socially, morally, and ethically wrong.

2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Myron could make.

The advantages would be that Myron would financially benefit from moving and accepting the promotion that David was offering him. Myron and his wife would triple their salary and would be closer to family. Myron would also gain valuable experience in marketing the new product into new markets that the company was expanding in. From a business perspective Myron would gain a lot, however the products that he would be selling is not ethically right.

The disadvantages are that Myron is marketing and selling products that he knows have adverse side effects on people that use them. At some point, Myron will reflect on his career and after all the effects have taken its toll on the people that have used the products that he introduced in markets all around the world. Was it worth it? Was the money that he earned worth the tradeoff for the common good of people’s health?

3. Discuss the...