Problem Definition in Business Research

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After studying this chapter, you should be able to 1. Explain why proper “problem definition” is essential to useful business research 2. Know how to recognize problems 3. Translate managerial decision statements into relevant research objectives 4. Translate research objectives into research questions and/or research hypotheses 5. Outline the components of a research proposal 6. Construct tables as part of a research proposal


Chapter Vignette: Deland Trucking Has a “Recruitment” Problem

David Deland, who has owned his trucking business for 20 years, struggles with the spreadsheet in front of him. His recruitment specialist sits glumly across from his desk, pondering what kind of response to give to the inevitable question, “Why are our recruitment costs so high?” Next to the specialist sits James Garrett, a business research consultant who has been hired by the Deland Trucking Company to get a handle on the recruitment expenses the company has seen skyrocket over the last six months. “I just don’t get it,” David sighs in frustration. “We have seen a 45 percent increase in our trucker recruitment advertising costs, and our trucker intake and orientation expenses are killing us! James, I just don’t understand what is happening here.” James and the specialist have had some initial discussions, but there is no easy way to reduce those costs without reducing the number of truckers that Deland hires. “Perhaps we can find a more efficient way of advertising our openings,” suggests the recruiting specialist. “Maybe we can reduce the number of orientation sessions or travel expenses associated with the hiring process.” David counters, “Well, I don’t see how we are any different from our competitors. We use the same recruitment and orientation approach that they use. I have no handle on their expenses, but the fact that our expenses are skyrocketing must mean something is going on.” James stares at his...