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Now it is time to see what I have learned from this class. This survival guide that I put together will help me through my future courses and also help me with my future career. Throughout the last couple of months I was able to take advantage of all the information I learned through this course.

In week one I learned the concept of distance learning and what the difference is between it and face-to-face learning is. My thoughts on distance learning have changed a lot since I started back to school because I think it was possible to learn this way. I now find it so much easier to do my work online since I am also a full time worker and father.

Week two I was able to check out the online library and see what all it has to offer me. I learned how to conduct searches online and also learned how to use the internet for academic purposes. I learned how to use the course forums properly and I also learned about the importance of inclusive language while communicating in the class forums so you do not offend anyone.

In week three I got to explore the technological tools that are available to me and how to use the library databases to locate academic articles. I was showed how to access an extensive online university library, view digital stories about course activities, and use tutorials about Axia College resources to help me be academically successful. I did my first University Library Article Search in this week.

Week four I was able to recognize how academic honesty applies to the distance learning environment. I read the keys to college studying: Becoming Active Thinker chapters eight and ten. I learned what plagiarism was and the effects it has on writers. I learned the importance of academic honesty and the consequences of cheating and plagiarism in the online classroom. I also learned how to access the Center for Writing Excellence is able to detect plagiarism.

In week five I did goal setting and skill mastering. I set up a...