My Son's Ipad

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1. This is my son Ipad2 that I bought in the last August 2011. Why I bought it?. Actually I wanted my son to have his personal gaming stuff. So during that time I had a little confusion to making choice. Which is better for my son? The Playstation (PSP) or iPad2. I realize my son need more than game. After a week of survey, surfing and chat with my friend, I make my point that the iPad2 is the objective. So that my son can have the entertainment such like gaming and at the same time he also can learn where the PSP can’t offer.

2. Despite the high price tag and prior experiences that proved to me I wasn't a tablet user at the time, I decided to buy an iPad 2. My son and I absolutely loved it. This maybe to give my son a little exposure about what Information Technology (IT) is all about and I think it is good for his cognitive development. Maybe all of u thought that how 1 years old kid can manage that such ‘hi-tech’ gadget and I also felt the same. Believe it or not, it just taking 2 days for my 1 years old son to conduct and use it correctly almost 50% of the iPad2. He even know how to on and off the LCD screen, slowing the volume and to open applications or games. And I wonder why?. It is because the ease of use such like no button to press or just try and error by sliding your finger tip?.


3. This presentation is to give a brief description to the class participant about the amazing iPad2 by providing a testimony from a father of 1 years old son and few recommendation to improve the iPad2 product.


a. Introduction.

b. Aim.

c. Scope.

d. Why I like iPad2?

e. How to make iPad2 better?


4. I use the iPad2 far more than the laptop I own and for all the good reasons. On every single day, my son and I discovered the awesomeness of the device. I love it because it does more than I could ask, from e-mails, applications, videos or assignment.

5. As we all know, Apple always be a...