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Display Program Title

Get user input other than zero

Sort numbers using bubble sort

Display smallest Employee Salary numbers

Display largest Employee Salary numbers


Employee Name (Name: String)

Employee Salary list or numbers as inters [1..100]



Display smallest Employee Salaries as integer

Display largest Employee Salary number as integer


Main Module

Declare numbers as integer [100]

Declare min Employee Salary as integer

Declare max Employee Salary as integer

Declare Employee Salary list Count as integer

Declare enter Employee Salary as integer

Write” Welcome to the Payroll Program

Write” This program intended use is for the user to enter a payroll“

Write” list of employee Names and Salaries into the system and the system”

Write” will output the minimum and maximum salary from the list inputted. “

Write” Calculate Min Salary & Max Salary as integer”

Call Input Module

Call Data Module

Sort Number Module

Call Min Employee Salary Module

Call Max Employee Salary Module

Call Results Module

End Main Module


Input Module

Write “Enter Employee Name.”

Input Name

Write “Please enter Employee Salary as integer”

Input number

If Employee salary = 0

Display “Wrong Employee salary, please try again”...