Global Warming

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o Provide a brief introduction and background on the issue.

Global warming has been around for years and only took the limelight in the last decade. This is becoming a bigger issue every day, with weather changes, countries shifting. In the United States alone there have been hurricanes as never before, tornados, and hot Oklahoma weather to say the less. We have all got to learn to take apart of Global warming, and find away to deal with this issue. I am excited to see what I will learn in this class and how it will help me with my problem solving and see if I, myself can come up with a way to help out my own community with our own Global warming issues.

o Explain whether you consider this issue to be a moral matter and why.

We need to keep thing planet, this earth healthy for our children and their children is a common saying people may state when talking about Global warming, however; this is true. Global warming should be a serious issue to all of us, in my opinion; this should be a moral matter. We have families, children that will have children and we should want them to see this beautiful planet, this huge magnificent earth God placed before us.

o Address any dilemmas surrounding the issue that your local community must deal with.

Our community needs to deal with trash, we need to find a better way to use land fields to our advantage if it is using the trash to make electricity or whatever new experiment a sciences has, the community of Tulsa needs to have full support for these organizations and programs. Up with Trees is a great example of how a community works together to help the earth, by planting trees around the Tulsa community.

o Explain the basis of judgment you believe should be used for addressing the moral questions or dilemmas surrounding the issue

Some would say Global warming is no big deal; some would say we will not be here when it happens. The issue with this is, we do not know when it will happen or how it will happen. Scientist...