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Jan 2012

LET1 Task 317.1.6-03-06, 08-10

In this given scenario the company hires an engineer that is bright, hardworking and appears to know their job skills. Unfortunately the company and management have appeared to loss some control of this employee by giving poorly written performance reviews and allowing this employee to believe they are not replaceable. I’m sure in this given task we are expected to look at the basic evaluation methods the manager is using such as desk clutter, attitude and friendliness. But I believe there are some larger underlying issues that need be addressed.

The first concern I have is management providing a very basic performance review for an engineer of a mid-sized manufacturing plant. This basic performance review should be used on employees with less responsibilities and not the engineer. By giving this type of performance review the management is devaluing the respect of the company and management. Thus leading to the engineer making comments about who is qualified to give such a review. This leads me to my second concern. The management should be performing a 360 appraisal of this engineer. Since this engineer directly affects the outcome of most the products of the company the management should be soliciting feedback from other employees along with outside sources such as customers. The current evaluation form appears to be sophomoric for the job duties the engineer is required to do. The last concern I have is the ability of the manager to accurately give a performance review without being biased or intimidated. The manager finds it difficult to give a rating on attitude because the engineer always finishes the task presented in a timely and fashionable manner. Regardless of the outcome of any task the manager can never be afraid to point areas of improvement to any employee regardless of their position or asset to the company. The...