Effects of Water Pollution

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The Effects of Water Pollution

“Water pollution has always been a major problem throughout the world. The lack of suitable water used for drinking, agriculture, farming, etc. has declined through the years” (Min, K. 2012). According to the words, water pollution is a really serious problem all over the world especially in some developing countries such as China. In developing country, the development of industry is expanding really fast. Instead of the industry developing, the environment becomes worse and worse especially the water pollution. According to the research, here are three ways how and why water pollution effect people’s lives: water pollution is harmful to people’s health and causes lots of diseases, it has a pernicious influence on living environment and makes people lack of drinkable water.

First, water pollution is deleterious on people’s health and causes diseases. Water pollution influences people every day with minor injuries such as the rain. For example, people know how rainwater circulation system is working. High temperature vaporizes the polluted water to the sky, then toxins in the air condense into the rain clouds and the cold temperature turns it into rainwater which then drops onto to people touching their skin, this is often referred to as acid rain. (Environmental Protection Agency, 2002) People don’t notice this small damage to their skins, but it brings skin cancer to people and millions people died because of that. (EPA) Another point is some of the small chemical things inside the polluted water can do l lot of damage to the human body. Lead inside the polluted water can hurt nervous system of the body and cause cancer. In 2009, a serious event happened in FengYang city, ShanXi province. The factories poured waste water into the river and a soymilk company besides the river use the polluted water to make the products and sold to the schools. After students drank the milk over 600 students got sick from lead poisoning. (China...