Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action

Carol L. Gaskins


June 24, 2012

Professor Shelly Landry

Affirmative Action

To: The Board of Directors

From: Director of Human Resources

Date: June 24, 2012

Re: New policies to implement affirmative action

Gold’s Gym has made extensive progress in the last three years, and the Human Resources Department recognizes and applauds the steps taken. As the business has grown, it has become an important part of the community. As the times, markets, and consumer demands change, though, Gold’s Fitness Gym have taken large steps to improve it self. The Human Resources Department agrees that it is time to introduce some new policies into our corporation. Gold’s Gym will become a more diverse, and creative business by executing the affirmative action policy. Gold’s Gym intentions are to be the employer of choice and tis memo explains how affirmative action can turn us into a more varied employer and organization.

Some individuals think that affirmative action is nothing but reverse discrimination or a social interaction problem. According to the affirmative action guidelines, bosses or managers must scrutinize their own workforce and propose their own actions to correct past discrimination. The discussion on affirmative action has continued for the past thirty-five years. We are asking the Board of Directors to put into place a regulation that we have systematized in order to erase the recurrent, determined effects of earlier discrimination against women and other minorities. People are shown prejudice in jobs because they are different, and because employers have prejudices. Affirmative action works to destabilize the ongoing discrimination by actively including different people within the company, and therefore refining the environment’s diversity.

Affirmative action has the possibility to be a turning point in the fight for equal rights and employment opportunities for every individual. Gold’s Fitness Gym’s values have a...