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1. Love is real by Jason Mraz 
2. It’s a good day by Perry Como
3. Friends for ever by Vitamin C
4. Too little too late by Jojo
5. Did you get my message by Jason Mraz
6. Forever by Breaking Benjamin
7. Wherever you will go by The Calling
8. Howl by Florence And The Machine
9. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars 
10. Fools like me by Lisa Loeb
11. Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin
12. Get to me by Train 
13. Hurt by Christina Aguliera 
14. The bird and the worm by Owlcity 
15. Letters to me by Brad Praisley
16. Belly dancer by Akon
17. Gravity by Pixie Lott
18. DJ got us falling in love by Usher 
19. The story of us by Taylor Swift 
20. The Catalyst by Linkin Part
21. Pain by Three Days Grace
22. L.O.V.E. by Ashlee Simpson
23. Love for a child by Jason Mraz
24. Live High by Jason Mraz 
25. Bird song by Florence And The Machine
26. Prettiest friend by Jason Mraz
27. Parking lot by Nivea 
28. Boys and girls by Pixie Lott
29. The good life by Three Days Grace
30. Get out alive by Three Days Grace
31. Does he love you by Carrie Underwood 
32. Life starts now by Three Days Grace
33. Best thing i never had by Beyonce 
34. The sweet escape by Gwen Stefani 
35. Making christmas by Danny Elfman 
36. Love the way you lie by Rihanna 
37. We used to wait by The Arcade Fire 
38. If you ever come back by The Script 
39. Crazy for you by Adele
40. Breakeven by The Script
41. Gone forever by Three Days Grace 
42. E.T by Katy Perry 
43. Rude boy by Rihanna 
44. The suburbs by The Arcade Fire 
45. How to touch a girl by Jojo
46. California girls by Katy Perry 
47. Give it up to me by Shakira 
48. Only girl by Rihanna 
49. Between two lungs by Florence and the machine 
50. I’m here without you by Three Doors Down
51. World so cold by Three Days Grace
52. Drown by Three Days Grace 
53. When i’m gone by Eminem 
54. I’m a believer by Eddie Murphy 
55. Keep me warm by Ida Maria 
56. Grenade by Bruno Mars
57. Dancing with tears in my eyes by Kesha 
58. Summer breeze by Jason Mraz
59. Dream...

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