Hip-Hop for All

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Conscious hip-hop and gangster hip-hop are two of the most popular genres of hip-hop. Both genres generally appeal to specific audiences. These are also two of the most controversial genres in hip-hop. Gangster rap is a very misunderstood genre of hip-hop that the media and public do not understand. Many people ask the question, “What is conscious rap?” Neither genre of hip-hop is the most popular according to the public and media but they are more focused on making music that people can relate to.

What is conscious hip-hop? It is hip-hop that has a more political focus. Conscious rappers such as Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco generally focus on issues that are going around the world such as elections and racism. A number of rappers have made tracks discussing the Trayvon Martin case. Conscious hip-hop reaches out to a smaller fan base than other genres of hip-hop because nowadays people aren’t looking for substance; they just want to hear good beats with a catchy hook. The people who listen to conscious are a loyal group who takes the time to listen to the importance of lyrics.

Gangster hip-hop is very similar to conscious hip-hop in a sense. Gangster rap may also talk about political issues such as poverty and racism. This is a genre that appeals to a more “simpler” audience. This is this audience who loves to hear loud beats and profanity. Gangster rapper most commonly rap about drugs, women, and violence. The audience listens to this because they can relate to this lifestyle the artist is portraying in their music.

Both genres of hip-hop are important in the world. Music is a way for people to get away. Everyone needs something that they can relate too. Both genres appeal to generally small audiences but those audiences are loyal to that type of music. Not anyone can start listening to conscious or gangster rap and enjoy it. This makes both genres equally unique.

Conscious hip-hop and gangster hip-hop are two of the most important genres of hip hop. Is...