Distance Education

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Communicating for Distance Education


Communicating for Distance Education

Table of Contents

Casual Vs Academic writing PAGE 3-4 |

Anthony’s Dilema PAGE 5 |

Why is writing tone Important PAGE 6 |

Reference Page PAGE 7 |

Casual Vs Academic Writing

Hello, Jasmine I have something very important to tell you. I was just in a minor car accident that really startled me. I was leaving work on my way home when a car struck me from behind. I was so scared because I didn’t know what hit me. I was sitting at the light minding my own business when a car didn’t think to stop and hit the back of my car. I jumped out of my car as soon as it happened to look for any dints or scratches then went to see if the person that hit me was ok. I had a slight dent but nothing major. Everyone in their car was fine and they told me they were sorry they had just spilled their coffee and looked down for a split second and that’s when they hit me. I accepted their apology changed insurance information and went to get back in my car. I sat there for awhile still a little shook at what just happened but I eventually pulled off. Can you believe all this happened on a ride home from work? I couldn’t believe that. Well thank God no one was hurt get back to me as soon as you see my message I’m afraid to go to sleep and need someone to talk to.

Dear Michigan Auto Insurance,

I was just in a car accident around 9:45 a.m. I was at a stop light on 8 mile and Wyoming in route to my home leaving work. I sat at the light for about 10 seconds before I was struck from behind by a blue two door Chevy Monte Carlo...