Customer Relation Management in Telephones

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Creating a New Permanent Phone Connection Manually To create a new permanent phone connection manually: 1. In the CRM Home patge, Click Customer Accounts Customer Account List. 2. Click New in the customer . Click


Click Customize. Select a


Provide Billing Address Address




Plan, Calling Level, Facilities and the remaining tabs depending on the requirement of the customer. Click Done. 11.12. Click Available Numbers. A list with all the available numbers for that particular exchange is populated. Click OK. The number is selected. 12.13. Click Reserve Number. Once the number is reserved, the

Correspondence and Installation

3.4. Click Auto Order button. This will create an order for residential customers with all the default values. Billing account will be created and attached to this

Account list. Customer Id is autopopulated. 3. Enter the mandatory fields. Click Account Name. The Account

order, Installation address will be attached to this order and Billing address will be attached to the billing account. 4.5. Click Billing Account. Enter the mandatory fields and Click Save or Ctrl + S.

Accessory Check is enabled. 13.14. Click Accessory Check

Summary View appears. 4. Click Addresses The Customer Click New. Accounts –

Click Validate. If the information provided is complete and correct, then the order is validated. A message Validations are

Addresses view appears. 5. Provide Billing Address Address 5.6. Click Contacts located next to the Accounts Summary. Click the Billing Address,

successful, appears. 14.15. Click Demand Note. Demand note will be generated and the Make Payment button will be

Correspondence and Installation

5.6. Click Line Items Click New.. And do the steps from 11 to 17 of LL manual order as given above.

New Broadband Connection with Landline Service( LL+BB) Creating a New Broadband

enabled. 15.16. Click Make Payment for Connection To create a new Broadband...