Cold War

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Cold War and Communism

Cold War and Communism

It has been no secret that for many years the United States has looked to Communism as one of the most unacceptable and evil matter and should not be spread to other countries. The Cold War was a perfect example for this matter. Cold War is a term used to describe a mostly nonviolent conflict primarily between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States (US) beginning in 1945. The Cold War was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition existing after World War II (1939 – 1945), between the Communist nations led by the Soviet Union and the democratic nations led by the United States. It was fought by all means - propaganda, economic war, diplomatic haggling and occasional military clashes. It is fought in all places - in neutral states, in newly independent nations in Africa, Asia and even in outer space. The USSR and the US were allies during WWII although they were never friendly. The two countries became allies only because of a common enemy - Hitler. It was after the WWII that Soviet Union and the Western Countries start to see and form other enemies. Then Communism and Capitalism was what was dividing the world making USSR, Eastern Europe and China as Communists and USA and the Western Countries as Capitalist and the cold war was pretty much the conflict between the two sides.

To fight Communism was always a threat to start a nuclear war between the two nations. Even though the dissolution of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War and greatly reduced tensions between the United States and the Russian Federation, a nuclear standoff remained, and that was due to the remainder number of many nuclear warheads in both nations.

All Americans people lived in constant fear during the cold war. During this time, people across the nation watched their televisions closely as they feared war could begin at any moment. They knew that this war would...