Writing Analysis - a Letter from City Councilor Adrian Heaps

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1. Background

Last summer, I’ve moved into my new home This is the new developed community and belongs to Scarborough Southwest, Ward 35 area. When I just moved in, the builder has noticed us that city of Toronto won’t collect the garbage until they are more than 70% houses been occupied. This March, I’ve finally received the letter from city of Toronto and there were the garbage bin orders, collection instruction and schedule. Along those documents, there was a letter from our city councilor Adrian Heaps.

2. Strength

(1) Good opportunity

I believe the writer Adrian has used the perfect chance to send the letter. Most of us has many questions about waste collection and are interested to see what the councilor is saying in the letter along the waste collection package. If we just received a letter itself in the envelope, we may throw it away even starting to read it. I have study Adrian’s story and found out that Adrian and his family have lived on First Nation communities in Ontario, where Adrian was responsible for creating environmental and waste management programs. I believe how the resident concern about waste collection.

(2) Good starting and ending

The writer Adrian has put the most important information at the beginning, actually in the first sentence to welcome the new resident in this community. This opening states the purpose and creates a positive relationship with the reader. Adrian also has a very good ending there. This ending briefly summarizes the entire document and gets the conclusion.

3. Weakness

(1) Structure

This is a simple clear letter and we can find out its structure easily. The first, second and the last paragraphs are for community event information. The third and fourth paragraphs are for city services. I believe the writer has not design the structure before putting the words into the writing. To write effectively, the writer must know the audience. For this letter, the audience is the new resident obviously. Those new...