Gore-Tex Case Study

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Week 3 Gore-Tex Case Study

1. Explain what happened to the Gore-Tex brand after the patent expired. What activity can firms use to try to maintain any advantage developed during the patent protection phase?

When the original patent expired, Gore-Tex lost all rights to their invention. This allowed other companies to make similar products at a lower price. They now have many competitors. To maintain the advantage, Gore-Tex needs to use their packaging to continue identifying themselves as the superior creator of this type of products. They need to continue selling their brand by placing their labels in highly visible locations.

2. List some of the wide range of products where the Gore-Tex fabric has been applied.

“Today the organisation divides its products into four main groupings: medical products; fabric products; electronic products; and industrial products.” (Trott 99)

* Medical- implants, vascular grafts, dental implants, and patches

* Electronics- cabling used in telecommunication, aerospace, medical industries

* Fabrics: waterproof and laminates for backpacks, raingear, coats, gloves, and shoes


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3. It seems that Gore Associates is heavily oriented towards technology; what are some of the dangers of being too heavily focused on technology?

Many times, being too focused on technology, we miss the small stuff that can lead to new and/or better products. Too many projects going on stretches a company thin and can be costly and tie up their resources.

4. Cooperatives and share-ownership schemes provide many attractions and benefits, but there are also limitations; discuss these.

The most common limitations would be limited capital, lack of management competency, and lack of mutual interest. The funding for this venture is through the members. This...