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Fear of Flying (Aerophobia)

Preparation Outline


I (After the landing video) I made it alive and one piece. {Slide 2}

A. All thanks to my music.

1. (Turn Ipod off and pull out of ears)

B. And with a little help of some anti depressants

C. I made it through another flight and successfully fought my fear of flying.

II Good evening, my name is and I suffer from Aerophobia more commonly known as the fear of flying. {Slide 3}

A. Over the last 10 years I have developed a conscious fear of flying.

B. I have been fortunate that I have fought this fear and have overcome my fear successfully.

III My purpose today is to inform you about aerophobia, its symptoms and ways to overcome the fear.


I How many of you are claustrophobic, acrophobic (fear of heights) or both.

A. That’s a small number.

B. Individuals who are both claustrophobic and acrophobic usually also suffer from aerophobia.

C. The question still remains what is Aerophobia? {Slide 4}

1. Aerophobia is better known as the fear of flying

a. This includes the fear of flying in any air transportation such as airplanes or helicopters.

b. In some severe cases this fear arises from the mere thought of flying.

2. How do you know you suffer from Aerophobia? {Slide 5}

a. The flight or the thought of flying brings about distress

b. Suffer Panic attacks when you are about to fly

c. In severe cases you individuals vomit and suffer from sever stomach upsets due to fear.

i)Like any phobia the severity varies

Transition: So now that we are all aware of the symptoms and what the fear of flying is. It is interesting to know how to overcome the fear.

II There are two ways to overcome the fear of flying medical and non-medical.

A. The Non Medical form of treatment mainly helps those with a minor fear of flying....