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Study Sheet

Chapter Two: Business


Directions: Read the following questions and answer them in your own words. Complete each section before the date that is highlighted.

Section 1:

* What are three main objectives in this chapter?

* NOTE: Before continuing on in the reading jump to page 64 and look at “Check Your Progress”. See what there is in this chapter that you will be able to do after reading. LIST: One thing that you find helpful about looking at these questions.

* What did the Sarbanes-Oxley Act do? Why is this important to know?

* On page 38, what is the table telling you?

* The section entitled: “The Role of Ethics in Business” talks about ethics. Explain in your own words why ethics is important.

* After reading the section on ethical issues in business, give three examples of ethical issues you have either faced, created, or could face in the future.




* Vocabulary Words: Define in your own words.

Business Ethics:

Social Responsibility:

Ethical Issue:

*Half way through page 41 starts a new section called “Misuse of Company Resources”. You should have read to there by Wednesday afternoon.

Section 2:

* What does it mean to “misuse” a company’s resources? Explain.

* Give three examples of abusive and intimidating behavior.




* In your own words summarize what a conflict of interest would be. Give real world examples.

* What does the graph on page 45 tell you about employees? Is there a way to stop this? Explain.

* Why do ethical concerns rise from communications? Explain.

* What are some ways of improving ethical behavior? How can you apply this to the things that you do today either in class, at home, or at a job?

Take a 5 minute break; you’re almost done section two. But make sure that you come back after 5 minutes to finish section two.

* How was the break? Did you take...