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Autistic disorder: review thepediatric a for dentist

Ulrich Klein, DMS, Arthur Nowak, MA MS J. DMD,

(PDD) and is characterized by abnormalemotional and social behavior and linguistic development.The onset Dentalpublications autismhavebeensparsesince the on of ADusually occurs before three years. The expresfirst comprehensive article geared the dental profession. for sion of symptoms varies widely. To be diagnosed as New findings on the etiology of autistic disorder(AD)have autistic, a patient must exhibit a specified number of been discovered, suggesting it is anorganic that disorder char- symptoms, although not all of them must necessarily 8 acterizedby abnormalities the brain, especiallythe cer- be present at the sametime or to the samedegree. The in ebellumandlimbic system.This article summarizes latthe criteria described in the DSM encompassqualitative est medical findingson the etiology,diagnosis,andtreatment impairmentsin social interaction and communication, approaches AD,and reviewsthe dental literature since as well as deviant patterns of behavior, interest, or acof 1969.Themaindental topics reviewed oral health staare: tivities. Parents are importantaides in diagnosingAD, tus anddental needsof patients with AD,characteristicsof as they are usually the first to be concerned about dispatients with AD,andself-injurious behavior(SIB) in the turbed development of their child: impaired context of AD.Clinical behavior-management such as communication, issues lack of social relationships and imagipharmacological communicative and techniques and physinative play, and to a lesser extent, hearing impairment cal restraintanddesensitization described. affect of and delay in attaining milestones. The meanage noted are The the dental office’s environment appointment and structure for these deviations is 17 monthsand the meanage for final diagnosis is 44 months. on a patient with ADare presented. (Pediatr Dent 20:5 9 Early detection (18-40 months)is importantas early...