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Put proper prepositions in the gaps: -

1. He died of/from/by/for road accident.

2. He is a candidate of/for/by/about the post.

3. What is the reason of/for/about his resignation?

4. Is there enough food to go about/round/over?

5. He has gone to Dhaka to look for/of/into/up a job.

6. A thief broke into/down/through/up the room.

7. They are closing their shop down/off/up.

8. You can not go back to/about/over/on your promise to help him.

9. The new MD has taken up/over/away the charge of the factory.

Ruplal decided---(a)---living a happy life. So he become detached---(b)---his family. He cut---(c)---all his relation and went---(d)---a jungle. There he found him beset---(e)---many problems.

9. There are words which are excluded from their propositions. Write prepositions and their meanings as well.

Addicted, alarmed, according, alliance, aloof, amused, anxious, appear, apologize, ask, attach, atone, blind, blind, bereft, boast, beneficial, callous, cling, commensurate, communicate, compare, commence, compete, conducive, consist, consist, cope, consult, culminate, delve, descend, determined, distinguish, discriminate, envy, envious, enter, excel, faith, grasp, greedy, hanker, heed, hindrance, hit.

10. Complete the following tend statements by putting group verbs (verb+ preposition)

(a) One must not------------money only. (b) Do not ---------------the poor and the rich. (c) The exam will--------the nest week. (d) He is not-----------------any harmful thing. (e) you must----------the colonel about the matter. (f) He has total-----------him. (g) If you want to make a research paper, you must---------the matter. (h) Why are you------------my success? (i) Parents are not---------eyes but they are-----their son’s fault. (j) You must be---------------attain GPA 5 in SSC level.

11. Complete the passage with suitable prepositions----

Clues-- from, to, for, into, of, away, before, after, with, upon, on, in, up, down,