Fast Start Workshop Reflection

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MGT 598

Fast Start Reflection

1) The Fast Start Workshop experience was a learning experience for me in several ways. The Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Model stood out to me as one of the more interesting things I learned. This seven step model shows the creating stages and sustaining stages of a team. This model can be used in every aspect of life, whether it is in a business group, a sports team, or a group for a class project. I learned that leaders don’t have to make all the choices, in a successful team, decisions are discussed and executed with the team. 2) If I were to complete Fast Start again I would definitely try and be more assertive. I felt like my voice wasn’t always heard or others took credit for what I brought up. I would make a greater effort to stand up and take control of the team in the beginning when there was no insight into what our objectives were. 3) The lessons I learned can be used directly in my personal, professional, and academic life. When working in any group or team setting I will try and organize a team meeting to go over objectives or goals we are trying to meet. I will also continue to reference the Drexler-Sibbet Model when working in a group. This model helps me get a sense of where my team is and how we need to move to “high performance”, the last step on the model. 4) I have received many benefits from the Fast Start Workshop. I believe the greatest benefit from the workshop was the drive to become a great leader. The problems and difficulties we faced as a team, made me realize the importance of having a great leader, a leader that can bring a team together to overcome hardships. The second greatest benefit I can take away from this experience is friends. I came into this MBA program not knowing anyone. This workshop threw me in a room and forced me to work with 8 other individuals, most in the same position as me. I have made friendships and connections in this past weekend that I hope to have and utilize the...