Jp Morgan's Life Business

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JP Morgan Report

JP Morgan, born on April 17, 1837 Hartford, Connecticut, United States, and died on March 31,1913, Roman,

Italy. JP Morgan wasn't poor at all, in fact his father Juniet Spencer Morgan was the partner of George Peabody

and Co,so he was a very wealthy man when Morgan was born. Julient Pierpoint Morgan wasn't very famous.

Juniet got very lucky because it was Morgan's friends that told George Peabody about him, luckly Peabody was

looking for a partner. Juniet would get paid twenty five thousand a year. Anyway JP Morgan spent his 1st

fourteen years of his life in his home town of Hartford, Connecticut. The Morgans only stayed in their house

for about two years since JP Morgan's grandfather Joseph Morgan built the family a house on

Fannington Avenue as a wedding present for his son. When he was six his parents sent him to a district school.

At the age of 12 JP Morgan was losing his health, lost his ruggedness, and constitution. Not only that but a

doctor had to be constantly watching him. When his family got out of Hartford, Connecticut they moved to

Boston. Boston is the location where JP Morgan entered an English High School and graduated at the age of 17.

After he graduated, he went to Fayal in the Azores for health reasons. Then he traveled to Vevay, Switzerland

and attended a boarding school. After that he went to Europe and took place in the University of Goettingen

in Germany. In Germany, he received a treatment of mud baths to improve his skin and stomach ailment

problem. He then worked with his father for awhile in a clerk's position at the office in London and then came

back to New York city. Another big way he got a lot knowledge was by Mr. Daffney making him his partner.

Here Morgan got the knowledge of bookkeeping, a knowledge invaluable to him, and he excited the wonder of

any man that has ever met JP Morgan. JP Morgan married Amelia Sturges in the early 1860. Junius didn't...