Conflict Scenario

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Just Right Tire needs conflict resolution for team collaboration on a marketing project for the company. There are members of the team that show expertise in areas that once compiled would be the complete project. The issue that has come up is the team has stalled with no solution on finalization on the final project. Management has stepped in and has taken the focus away from the workplace into a public arena where conversation can flow and be voiced without feelings of targeting or reprimand. The conversation is a resolution session with a casual feel of the members with management so that the can express their thoughts and ideas for the campaign outside of the professional workplace.

At dinner the conflict should not be thought of and addressed as a negative outcome. There are many conflicts that inspire and create a “brainstorming” collaboration of thoughts. In the case of Jan, Mark, and Sally they have had great working experience prior and can create a fantastic marketing strategy this time. During dinner the managers should some together with the team and take a little strength from each of the team members. Sally excels at graphic detail, Jan Excels at ad ideas, and Mark excels at developing slogans, having each develop their thoughts on their ideas and merging and combining each into one thought of the marketing ad can merge all ideas at their peak effectiveness. Marketing is a talent that can attract many potential customers to a company or product and having three effective ideas in one marketing ad can make this successful. This idea should be the focal point to the dinner meeting and the notion that its one person’s concept be thoughtfully re-directed towards effective company marketing strategy.

From the managers perspective the tread design is supposed to be a team project. The manager will need to find a way to get the team to work together. This team has worked together well in the past and needs to get back on track. The manager should get the...