Sexuality Life Skills

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Supporting community action on AIDS in developing countries


Participatory activities on sexual and reproductive health with young people


This toolkit is the result of teamwork between sexual and reproductive health practitioners working with young people in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda. The first version of the toolkit was developed with International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia, Young, Happy, Healthy and Safe, the Ministries of Health and Education, and peer educators and young people in rural Eastern Province, Zambia. The toolkit was tested by peer educators and revised on the basis of their experience and the lessons learned in monitoring. The toolkit was further developed with the Alliance Regional Youth Programme partners in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia, and with the CORE Initiative in Uganda. We wish to acknowledge the ideas and creativity of all the practitioners who have developed the toolkit and those who have been developing participatory activities over many years and in many countries. We do not know the source of many of these activities but would to like to acknowledge three resources in particular: Happy, healthy and safe: youth-to-youth learning activities on growing up, relationships, sexual health, HIV/AIDS and STD life-skills. Family Health Trust Zambia (1998) Lusaka, Zambia. Choices: a guide for young people. Gill Gordon (2007) Macmillan Education, Oxford, UK. Stepping Stones: a training package on HIV/AIDS, communication and relationship skills. Alice Welbourn (1995) Strategies for Hope. The production of this publication was made possible through the support of Comic Relief, The Morel Trust, DANIDA, Sida and BUZA. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of these donors. © International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2008 Registered charity number 1038860 Information contained in this publication may be freely reproduced, published or...