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PR Communication Memo – Management Memo

Roxanne Jimenez

University of Phoenix

Communications for Accountants


April 9, 2012


The task of the PR Communication Memo is to write an internal memo to our manager discussing the current situation at hand which involves the resignation of company CFO, plus investigation being conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission on company accounting practices. The memo provides interim manager with a formal notice of the current situation at hand along with guidelines which need to be followed in cooperating with the SEC. Additionally, the memo also instructs manager of the importance of effective communication with the SEC and the public as well. It is imperative to keep all appropriate individuals informed and up to date on current developments regarding the SEC investigation, in order to avoid confusion and falsified rumors to continue circulating among the company and the public.

TO: John Clark, Interim Chief Financial Officer

FROM: Roxanne Jimenez, Certified Public Accountant

DATE: April 9, 2012

SUBJECT: Resignation of Chief Financial Officer Michael Hunt

The following announcement is being issued to inform you of the resignation of Chief Financial Officer, Michael Hunt effective immediately. Hunt’s resignation came as a big surprise to the company however there is reason to believe that Hunt may have falsified revenues on company financial statements. The Securities and Exchange Commission is currently holding an investigation in which they have requested various documents along with our company financial statements. The SEC will be investigating accounting practices used by the company particularly those related to revenue recognition in which proper accounting practices were not followed according to generally accepted accounting principles.

This matter is of extremely sensitive information and all employees must abide by company policy....