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PHPSII is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Perpetual Help System. An international recruitment firm/ manning agency founded last 2006 and is licensed under POEA. The idea to put up this kind of business started with the youngest child of the 7th son of Dr. Jose and Nena Tamayo. The agency was originally designed to deploy nurses in the USA and was decided to put in Perpetual Help College Manila. Years later they transferred to Bangkal, Makati and finally home in Las Pinas beside the medical center.

In year 2008, recession strike and deployment of nurses from Philippines was affected. It was then PHPSII started to find new market in the Middle East, still with the concentration of deploying nurses. Fortunately they have impressed one big hospital in Qatar which is owned by the King and have them as their 2nd agency.

In year 2009, PHPSII joined the marketing mission in Qatar together with the other agency under Philippine Association (PASEI), an association of different agencies in the Philippines. Amons the many companies who visited the event PHPSII was lucky to be chosen by one of a newly built 4 star hotel to be their manpower provider.

In year 2010, another group of hotel in Middle East was fascinated with PHPSII’s services.

Year 2011, saudization issue emerged and recruitment firms were advised to find a new market other than Middle East because other countries might follow Saudi. At the same year PHPSII is trying to find market in Australia, New Zealand, and Belgium.

PHPSII’s main goal is to deploy the graduates of UPHS without collecting any fees with their candidates.

PHPSII is now operating with two (2) regular employees and three (3) contractual staff. Since they are a subsidiary of UPHS accounting works are done by the main office of UPHS in Binan.

* Discuss how many registered agencies

* Discuss how many illegal securities there are.