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123 Spring Loop, #0000

College Station, TX 77123

March 22, 2005

Mr. Arthur Fielder

Action Advertising Agency

123 Any Drive

Houston, TX 77123

Dear Mr. Fielder:

Jill Aggie at the Texas A&M Career Center recently informed me of your company’s job

opening for a Database Manager. She suggested that I direct my resumé to your attention.

I have approximately three years of experience working in a computer support capacity,

organizing and maintaining databases. Currently, I am a student Technician at the Career

Center and I provide technical support to both Career Center employees and student

customers. This office has an exceptionally busy system with a very high volume of

traffic. The Career Center provides 24/7 online access to career services for over 44,000

students at Texas A&M. There are thirty-eight permanent employees and over seventy

workstations throughout the office. I believe that my experiences in this setting have

prepared me to meet the demands of Action Advertising Agency’s fast-paced


In addition to my formal work experience, I designed and built a personal 486 computer.

This project was a class assignment that involved working with electronic materials and

devices. Consequently, I have gained extensive hardware and software knowledge.

Please refer to the enclosed resumé which provides additional information about my

experience, education, and leadership qualities.

I am very interested in learning more about the Database Manager position at Action

Advertising Agency. At your convenience, I would like to meet with you to discuss my

qualifications and the value I can bring to your organization. I will contact you during the

week of April 4th to schedule an appointment. Should you need to reach me in the

interim, I can be reached by phone at (979) 123-4567 or email me at I

look forward to talking with you.


Joe Aggie