Music Piracy

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music piracyAl Owva Rachman  NIM:29112206  ‐‐‐Business Ethics Midterm Essay Examination‐‐‐   



It is undeniable, music piracy had been going on for a long time, both in Indonesia and

around the world, but lately the situation been getting worse and worried. Piracy also now have a variety of shapes and variations, that in the decade of the 90's hijacking is generally in the form of tapes or “Fake” CD , has now been shifted form of piracy, piracy is no longer done by copying CDs and cassettes. The development of technology, particularly the internet, besides causing ease in life, it also has a negative impact that fosters music piracy. Piracy is now a lot going on is in the form of illegal downloading (illegal download) mp3, using an internet connection. Technological advance is not accompanied by increased public awareness of the law, particularly copyright. The rise of the websites on the cyberspace that provides facilities to illegally downloaded music follow the movement evolved after the advent of technology like mp3 format, people slowly began to abandon listening to music on cassette or disc (CD). The dynamics of modern society that completely practical too took part in music piracy fertilize. Mp3 format is indeed a very practical format, but this format also has the disadvantage that people can reproduce this format easily. Also, the technological development of the music player, the iPod and the presence of a communication device that doubles as a music player makes mp3 increasingly in demand. The rise of illegal downloading of music in Indonesia is indirectly adversely affected the Music Industry in Indonesia

This is used by the hijackers, we can now easily find a song or music on the Internet, but it is clearly illegal and is a violation of copyright. Piracy is still piracy, a crime that can’t be tolerated. Just because the people who downloaded music illegally more than those who enjoyed the music in the right...