Communication by Government

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Governments have a duty to communicate with citizens. Citizens have the right to be informed of government's policy, actions, and views, to enable them to comply with the requirement's arising from government policy, such as taxation and legislation. They also need information to be able to exercise their democratic right to decide, on the basis of accurate information, whether they approve or disapprove of government's policies and decisions. Citizens also have the right to be forewarned of possible threats, disasters, or danger.

Government policy and actions are judged according to public opinion and perceptions. Such opinions and perceptions are determined not only by government actions but also by the manner in which government communicates. If government tries to control information to favourably influence such opinions and perceptions, communication turns into propaganda. There are measures that are available to combat the manifestations of corruption. It is essential that measures exist, even if they cannot eradicate corruption completely, at least they can and do play an effective role in controlling corruption or the occurrence of corruption. It is essential to remember that corruption pervades the entire environment and does not necessarily just focus on a particular area and that whatever measures that will be implemented, needs to look broad spectrum of the occurrence of corruption.

The measures to control corruption are generally viewed in broad terms and can be implemented to control the cases of corruption and unethical behaviour. No specific measure to combat a specific case of corruption will be provided merely a general discussion of available measures that can be employed by the public sector to combat corruption. The concept of accountability also plays a role and the difference between traditional, managerial/political, programme and process accountability as well as how these types of accountability can be brought...