Reflecting on Philosophy

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Social discrimination, Superiority, Elites and Common people. These are the words that came into my mind while discussing the five epochs of Karl Marx and which I noticed that is also happening in our society. For example, the Philippines, there are laws that only benefited the rich upper classes as millions of Filipinos enter the rank of poverty.

Then I realized why would I be bothered to the things that are being discussed? While this kind of things are very common in our society. Moreover, for me there is a simple explanation why these things happen; Just like Max Webber’s Functionalist Social Perspective, the social classes emphasize the way that parts of the society are structured to maintain its stability. Therefore, a very simple logic; If these things did not exist, the very society might not also exist.

Why did I say so?

Looking at the proposed current realities, these superiorities, these stratifications support the original experience of man which tends to desire for more. In relation to this, man as described as Martin Heidegger is a Dasein a ‘there-being’ which opens to him unlimited possibilities in his given situatedness. Also, this opens the door to the possibility of impossibility which is death. And I think people must not focus on the end but the journey in between, This journey taken up by man needs a constant inspiration and motivation that a functionalist society offers.

How does feudalistic approach of Marx give hope, motivation and meaning to life?

Having someone that is better off than ourselves, we tend to strive, to achieve, the same status, while having someone that is worse off than us gives us the fear to end up in the same status, thus, we exert different amount of effort to achieve our desire future. I can almost relate this to the current system that runs to ours school. Since people respond to incentive, the educators provided a clever way to keep students studying and this is to the grading system. I wouldn’t imagine if we...