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Term paper


Compatibility of Basel II Accords

Focus on a Bank: Dhaka Bank Ltd.

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DR. MOHAMMAD Nesarul karim





Department of Finance and bANKING

University of cHITTAGONG.

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iD NO: 07303091

SESSION: 2006-07

Department of Finance and bANKING

University of cHITTAGONG.


Letter of Transmittal

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Dr. Mohammad Nesarul Karim


Department of Finance and Banking

University of Chittagong

Subject: Submission of the report on “Compatibility of Basel Accords : Focus on a Bank.”

Dear Sir

It gives me immense pleasure to submit the paper on “Is Basel Accords compatible? Focus on a Bank.” as a requirement of the regular BBA program of the Department of Finance and Banking, University of Chittagong. Apart from the academic knowledge, I have got the golden opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the advanced mechanism and techniques of Banking. Reasoning the compatibility of Basel Accords is the prime concern of this paper which we hope will earn your appreciation. I believe that the experience I have acquired from this study will be an invaluable asset throughout my lives.

It expresses my gratitude to you for providing me desired chance to learn about the details of Basel accords along with its implementation in a prominent bank in Bangladesh, Dhaka Bank Ltd. In spite of various shortcomings, I have been devoted to find out the core information from the interviews and research work. I hope you will appreciate our endeavor and find the report up to your expectation.

It has to be mentioned further that without your expert advice and guidance and the contribution of all group members it would not have been possible to complete this term paper. I will be pleased to answer any sort of query you may have regarding this report.

Sincerely yours...