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Gypsum is actually a widely used industrial resources and building materials. Can be used to cement retarder, gypsum creating merchandise, model creating, medical, meals additives, sulfuric acid production, papeGold ore separator india r filler, paint filler. Plaster goods while in the architectural decoration is not only beautiful and the value is fairly cheap, so a broad array of applications.

Decorative plaster board has the qualities of light, moisture, doesn't distort, fire, flame retardant, etc., and easy building, processing functionality, it may be saved, nailed, planed to become bonded, and so on.. Add a little volume of adhesive during the making plaster, constant casting inside the two tier retaining tissues between the fibers, foam agent andwater immediately after mixing, then roll, coagulation, cutting, drying made, can be utilized for interior wall, interior wall stickers surfaces, ceilings, acoustic board. The plaster ceiling in bedroom residing space, bedroom, study area ceiling; waterproof gypsum board made use of for kitchens, bathrooms along with other substantial humidity destinations, gypsum board decoration effect inelegant, wonderful, revolutionary, giving a comfortable and tasteful soft feel.

Gypsum crushing mill processing may be used to get a selection of regions of building, constructing resources, decoration, chemical, pharmaceutical, and agriculture. Gypsum crushingmachine processing applying extremely effective energy saving centrifugal induced draft fan, the gypsum crusher power conserving and environmental protection, substantial crushing ratio, in line with today's extra crushing less grinding "advanced technology needs, the production of gypsum powder to achieve the desired regular, gypsum crusher compared with all the other broken machine power conserving of 30%, the influence is about 35%,the plaster flakes, granular information of much less than 1% is a good selection for that production of gypsum decorations.

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