Alternative Excavation Methods in Gas Pipeline Laying

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Study on Alternative Excavation Methods in laying of Natural Gas Pipeline in City Gas Distribution

2.1 Problem Statement:

Trenching / excavation method for under ground gas pipe lying is identified as a critical process and High Risk aspect of Construction activity at XYZ LIMITED. The existing method is intended for review with the objective to make process safe and minimize Risk & associated Hazard during execution

2.2 Mission statement :

Feasibility study on use of alternative construction methods, including the use of mechanical excavation equipment at sites, to reduce manual work and the exposure of migrant workers to risks

2.2 Deliverable:

2.3.1 Report assessing the pros and cons of alternative working methods for trenching & excavation for Steel & PE pipe laying for steel and PE of various diameters

2.3.2 Cost–Benefit analysis / Advantage & Dis-advantage of present method vs a vs new proposal including impact on productivity, Competency training needs and resource requirements etc.

2.3.3 Clear road map on implementation of proposal with defined responsibilities and timelines

03. Introduction and Background

Every year company has numbers of network extensions within cities. There are numbers of underground utilities present within city area. Because of rapid rate of urbanization at these city areas underground space has been occupied with several utilities. This creates difficulties during installation of new pipeline within these areas. Further to that numbers of third party damages have increased rapidly. It has urged company to lay new natural gas pipe at higher depth than other utilities to minimize risk of damage through third party excavation.

Excavation at higher depth has increased the risk of soil collapse and confined space. Other than this it also covers risk of damage of underground utilities (e.g. electrical cable, gas pipeline etc), Road traffic incident, damage to structures...