Leadership Self Assessments

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Leadership Self Assessments

August 29, 2012

Business Management

Before starting this class I didn’t think much about what the content would entail in detail. “Strategic Leadership” was just a title to me; a hurdle in the road on the way to graduation. My original thoughts were, “I’ve managed before effectively but I am not much of a leader”. After the first week and a half however, I am finding that there may be some dormant leadership qualities in me that have yet to be tapped.

This week in class, we were asked to take a couple of Personality and Emotion Quizzes/Assessments. I didn’t think much of it other than it was necessary to help pass the class. These assessment combined with this week’s reading really open my eyes to different and effective leadership styles. The part that I found particularly interesting was reading about leaders with a high emotional intelligence and how they lead mainly from what they felt to be right verses what they thought.

The first quiz that I took was the Big 5 Personality Test. This assessment was designed to look at the 5 dimensions of personality (The Big 5 Personality Assessment, 2000). Upon completion, it let you know your results with the acronym O.C.E.A.N which stood for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. After taking the assessment, it shows you which percentile of each you fall into. For Openness, I was in the 70th percentile, meaning I am open to try and experience new things, which is very true. In the Conscientiousness category, I scored in the 35th percentile which means that I’m not very organized (which is also true). I try to be organized but it’s just not in me. I recognize the need for it, and I’m not what one would call disorganized but I think clearer with a little clutter. Extraversion was the next set of results. This placed me in the 48th percentile which states that I’m pretty adaptable socially. I am comfortable in social settings and I am just as comfortable...