Ks Cleaners Case Study

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Case Study

KS Cleaners (KSC)

Question 1.

Describe to Kevin the components of a performance management process and identify one area where you think the greatest opportunity for development may be. Support your reason. (10 marks)

Answer 1.

The performance management process is made up of six components. These components are

1. Prerequisites - Since Kevin will be opening a new shop and will need to employ new employees for the second shop I think the greatest opportunity for development would be to

try to maximize on the prerequisite sage of the performance management process. This is because at this stage there is a need to have good knowledge of the organization’s mission and strategic goals. If the employees at KS Cleaners and potential employees for the second shop have knowledge of the business mission and strategic goal combined with the knowledge regarding his/her particular role in the business it will allow the employee to make contributions with a positive impact on their own job duties and on the business as a whole. Second, there is a need to have good knowledge of the job in question. A job analysis allows for the determination of the key components of a particular job: what tasks need to be done, how and what knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) are needed. If employees have good information regarding a job, then it is easier to establish criteria for job success.


2. Performance Planning - The second component of the performance management process involves performance planning. Performance planning includes the consideration of results and behavior, as well as a development plan. A discussion of results needs to include key accountabilities which is the broad areas for which an employee is responsible, specific objectives for each key accountability which are the goals to be reached, and performance standards which tells what are acceptable and unacceptable levels of performance. A discussion of behaviors needs to...